Yingarliwa (blue bone) Pride design scarf



Yingarliwa (bluebone) Pride design scarf by Yawuru artist Amanda Rose Lee.
This design shows the yingarliwa (blue bone) fish that is one of Amanda Rose’s favourites. It is caught during Mangala season (the wet season) because as Amanda Rose says “that’s when all the reef fish are the fattest”.
Available on a black background

Made ethically in Australia by manufacturers that meet the Ethical Australia manufacturing guidelines.

Nagula Jarndu is a proud ally and supporter of Kimberley Blak Pride Extravaganza which is a First Nations Mardi Gras celebration held here in Broome, WA.
A portion of the profits from all our Pride products will go towards supporting future Kimberley Blak Pride events.

Scarf measures 40cm x 150cm.
Gentle hand wash in cold water.