Mimi (grandma) dolls in shades of Deadly


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Beautiful handprinted mimi (grandma) dolls.
Printed on the front and back.
Measuring approx. 38cm long and 18cm wide.
100% cotton
Designed collaboratively by Rowena Morgan and Martha Lee.
The tag reads:
Mimi (Grandmother) doll
We love our Mimi so much
They are marrgi jarndu (deadly woman)
and we hold them tightly in our hearts.
They help to keep all
our families together
with their spirit, love
and knowledge.
We love to hug our Mimi and
have them hug us back.

Please choose from the 4 shades of Deadly colours.
First 2 images are ‘Colour 1’ and the image on the back, followed by the proceeding colours.
Hand printed and sewn in Rubibi, Broome.
*Please be mindful of the small beads if you are gifting these to little people.