Lanyji-Lanyji  (Mangroves) by Night on Silk

$140.00 per metre


Lanyji-Lanyji  (Mangroves) by night on silk by Maxine Charlie 2016

Lengths of handprinted screen printed fabric on 100% dupion silk 137cm wide

The base fabric is black and is a four-colour print with green, light green, stone brown and red ochre coloured details.

Maxine Charlie is a Yawuru and Bunuba artist based in Broome. She is inspired by the connection and cultural significance between the bundurr-bundurr (pindan land) and the nagula (sea) country.

Tidal creeks and parts of the coast between the high spring tide and the mean sea level are fringed with Lanyji-Lanyji (Mangroves). These are quiet places with dense foliage over the mudfloors and creeks or along the fringes of sandy beaches. They are a haven of food in the form of shells and crabs and provide an important element of Yawuru Sea Country.