Magabala (Bush Banana) on Linen III

$110.00 per metre


Magabala (Bush Banana) on linen III by Martha Lee 2016

Lengths of handprinted screen printed fabric on 100% linen 132cm wide

The weight of the fabric is 210gsm

The base fabric is birch in colour and is a three-colour print with mustard, black and cream details.

Martha Lee is a Yawuru and Karajarri woman from Broome. She began her art career in 2005 and is one of Nagula Jarndu’s more senior artists. Her art has a strong sense of pattern and colour inspired by the Kimberley landscape and traditional stories.

Magabala (Bush Banana) are in fruit in the season of Man-gala the wet season when there are plenty of rain and thunderstorms and plants are growing fast.