Gunbaliny (oyster catcher) on linen/cotton blend



Gunbaliny (oyster catcher) on linen/cotton blend by Maxine Charlie 2022

Lengths of handprinted screen printed fabric on linen/cotton blend 137cm wide

Fabric is 210gsm in weight

The base fabric is ‘light grey’ and is a three-colour print with white, black and orange coloured details.

Maxine Charlie is a Yawuru and Bunuba artist based in Broome. She is inspired by the connection and cultural significance between the bundurr-bundurr (pindan land) and the nagula (sea) country.

Gunbaliny are a shy bird that can be seem feeding on the mudflats and sandy beaches around Broome. They use their long beaks for digging up sand worms, molluscs and small crabs. Maxine has a real fondness for them and especially loves that they mate for life.
Price is per metre.