Mabu Mayi (Bush Food) on linen

$110.00 per metre


Bush Food on Linen by Susan Mangana Chiguna 2016

Lengths of handprinted screen printed fabric on 100% linen 137cm wide

The weight of the fabric is 210gsm

The base fabric is “birch” colour and is a two-colour print in black with cream details.

Mangana is a Walmajarri woman from Djugerari Community, approx. 120km south of Fitzroy Crossing in the Central Kimberley region of Western Australia.

She loves printing and stitching dolls. Mangana’s inspiration comes from her desert home.

Mabu Mayi (Bush Food) shows the different seeds, plants, fruits and turkey that can be collected when out on Country at different times of the year. This Mabu Mayi is really great bush tukka!